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An authentic and unique gym environment based in Great Shelford, Cambridge. Passionate and professional coaches deliver a bespoke personal training concept with a focus of empowerment at its core.

1:2:1 Personal Training + Online PT also available...

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We offer individually tailored, supportive coaching for everyone

M-Power is a state of the art facility and welcoming community for aligned minds and bodies with individual aspirations. Life-long improvements in health, fitness and body conditioning are at the core of our intention. Our results-driven service provides medical grade body scan assessments and holistic conditioning programmes exclusively designed by our professional coaches. The three key elements being exercise, nutrition and mindset. 

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M-Powering Member Diversity  

Our philosophy is to create a united community of like-minded people who are looking to develop a more self-motivated approach to their training, and who want to achieve long lasting health and fitness outcomes. Everyone is welcome. All ages, all fitness levels, sports professionals, experienced gym-goers or complete beginners. We are here to inspire and support you throughout your own fitness journey.

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“Our ultimate goal - to empower people to take control of their health, fitness and wellbeing.” 

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