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Our aim is to deliver a results driven health and fitness service 

1:2:1 Personal Training , Hybrid Personal Training and Corporate Wellbeing Packages

Exercise in a private, nurturing environment in Gt. Shelford on the outskirts of Cambridge, with the support of our highly experienced Personal Trainers


M-Powered Movement  

Fitness is a way of life for us and drives our passion in helping others incorporate it into their own lifestyles.


Being able to take control, making empowered choices towards your own development can project positivity throughout many aspects of your life, physically, mentally and socially.  We are firm believers of 'movement is medicine'.
We pride ourselves on our members committing to us as their fitness partner of choice. Did you know that over 67% of gym memberships are not even used?  This really is the reverse of the M-Power ethos.  We are team of passionate  coaches with integrity and only want the very best for our members by helping them to have a positive relationship with exercise and movement, whilst guiding and supporting members in setting and accomplishing their desired personal goals.  We love to see our members taking ownership of their health and fitness schedules, remaining true in the style of empowerment, we aim to coach those members who want to take part in the process collaboratively thus promoting positive lifelong habits.

M-Power Personal Trainer spotting for client to lifting weights

Re-shape your mindset to achieve your potential and beyond.

Our desire to empower members to be accountable for their fitness and wellbeing is our main motivator.  Through meticulous planning, tracking and analysis, we have modelled our coaching method around an autonomous supportive environment that allows members to strive towards their own body, mind and lifestyle goals, whilst being part of an inclusive and personal gym community.

We are here to enrich lives with empowering perspectives and help to recalibrate ideologies so that health and fitness objectives become habitual. We measure our own wins on when and how our members thrive.

Close up of gym equipment as background
M-Power Fitness client talking to fitness coach during workout
"A Cambridge-based Personal Training concept at a price that enables commitment and a sustained approach to development."
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