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Online Personal Training

Join the M-Power movement and follow intricately designed bespoke workouts through planned programming you can access anywhere on the M-Power App.

Whether your at home, away with work or using a gym of your choice we have got you covered...


Online Programming

Online Programming allows you to take the stress out of both designing and ensuring your workouts are fit for purpose.

We carefully programme progressive phases of training and individual workouts to ensure you reach your potential.

M-Power Online + App includes..

Bespoke Workouts..

Each of your workouts are designed to meet your current capacity and allow you to make progress aligned to your goals and desired outcomes.


Exercise Video Tutorial's...

Each exercise has a video tutorial to demonstrate each of the movements you may perform during your workout

Weekly Check In's - Video or Call...

Check in each week to catch up with your Personal Trainer and discuss how everything is progressing, allow for any modifications to be made etc.

Daily Habit + Nutritional Support...

Create positive daily habits towards lifestyle and mindset.

Nutritional support and guidance aligned with personal goals and considerate of individual circumstances / responsibilities.


Enquire about Online PT

Pricing + Availability

Online Personal Training

Monthly Membership

  • £80 per month

One off Programme Design

  • Prices Vary Please Enquire

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